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Charline Evans  

Allow me to paint a vivid picture of my own global learning  journey. As a passionate global educator, I have traversed the world's corners, embracing diverse cultures and landscapes. From the misty valleys of Wales to the vibrant heart of the Amazon Jungle, from the rugged Andes to the bustling streets of India and Japan, my quest for "Global Education for Every Child Everywhere" has been a tapestry of experiences. Venturing through deserts and floods, navigating through war-torn lands and political upheavals, I have stood as a beacon of hope for children everywhere. My mantra of "EPIC - Eradicating Poverty Individually and Collectively" echoes through the communities I have touched, advocating for the voiceless and empowering the young minds of tomorrow. Through my projects and initiatives, I have woven a web of change, fostering child advocacy and sharing innovative ideas. Whether in the bustling cities of Europe or the serene landscapes of Oceania, my mission remains unwavering. Join me on this extraordinary journey, where every step taken brings us closer to a world where every child's dream can flourish.

 Around the World in 80 Schools   Project

Embarking on the extraordinary adventure of "Around the World in 80 Schools" a world first, marked the genesis of my groundbreaking research endeavor. Venturing beyond borders, I travelled to  over 80 diverse educational institutions, universities,colleges and schools, plus orphanages and refugee sanctuaries. This solo journey allowed me to  unveil the profound narratives of children amidst the global changes of this century, weaving a tapestry of environmental, social, political, and economic challenges. Empowering these young voices to craft their cinematic tales online, we illuminated their aspirations, fears, and visions for a better world. This pioneering educational and anthropological initiative stands unparalleled in its global reach, magnitude and learning impact.

Giving the Children of the World a Voice - "Whispers without words ready to be heard"

Together, we had the amazing opportunity to create over 80 short documentary films focusing on educational empowerment, environmental awareness, poverty alleviation, cultural diversity, heritage preservation, climate change, social innovation, citizenship, and the lives and education of children in the 21st century. I provided the children with the tools and skills they needed, and in return, they shared their voices, hopes, dreams, and fears about their cultures, communities, and country in today's rapidly changing world. Together, we captured and spread the aspirations, dreams, and worries of students and teachers worldwide in the 21st century, giving children everywhere a platform to express themselves on the global stage, regardless of social, geographical, political, or economic barriers - "Whispers without words, ready to be heard." As the project expanded, more schools, orphanages, and child refugee centers reached out, asking for my support in helping children share their life stories. The project continued to grow exponentially. Now, in 2024, we are excited to announce the relaunch of the Global Learning for a Global World initiative. This project aims to share these inspiring stories, valuable resources, and provide opportunities for everyone to engage in exciting new projects. Let's continue to make a positive impact together!

Passion for Learning has no Boundaries.

"Global Learning in a Global World"  offers new projects uniting educators and learners around the globe.    

Why now?  Why 2024?

I am a fervent advocate for the liberation of minds through education. My life's journey has been a tapestry of experiences woven with threads of teaching in diverse settings around the world. From classrooms to orphanages, hospitals to refugee centers, I have witnessed the transformative power of education in breaking chains of injustice. My heart beats with a rhythm of educational emancipation, a melody of opportunity that harmonizes for every child, transcending borders, societal divides, and economic barriers.

The Adventures of my Learning Journey.

Embarking on my personal quest for knowledge has been nothing short of a thrilling odyssey that has broadened my horizons and enriched my mind. Guided by an insatiable curiosity, I traversed the globe, immersing myself in diverse educational systems, teaching methodologies, and the myriad opportunities available to educators and learners alike. From engaging with homeschoolers and humanitarian workers to collaborating with educational leaders and policymakers, my passion for universal educational empowerment knows no bounds. This platform serves as a beacon for fostering global learning in 2024, championing the cause of every child's right to education, regardless of barriers. Join me in this transformative journey towards educational liberation for all. - Charline


Throughout the years, I have been fortunate and deeply appreciative to have been bestowed with numerous accolades. I was honored to be named a Fellow of the RSA for my dedication to addressing the disparities faced by children worldwide through the Around the World in 80 Schools initiative, which seamlessly merges physical and digital realms while emphasizing the shared aspirations of children across borders. Additionally, I received the esteemed "Best Use of Technology in Education Award" from Technology Wales, UK, and the prestigious Nominet UnLtd Millennium Betternet Award for my efforts in enhancing the online education realm. Furthermore, I was recognized with the "Outstanding Commitment to Education and International Citizenship" award in Australia. These distinctions stand as a testament to the extensive knowledge and expertise that I now impart through groundbreaking projects, cutting-edge products, and tailor-made services. For a more in-depth exploration of my endeavors, I invite you to delve further into the intricacies of my work.

 Services for Education

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Motivational Talks and Workshops for Business

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Inspirational Speaking for Conferences,  Corporate and Charitable Events

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   Global Learning Activities 

All educational activities and bookings are tailored to both UK and international curricula, and are differentiated based on age and ability.

Our initiatives have been intricately cross referenced to the United Nations'  Sustainable Development Goals. Customized activities and resources await those in pre and post-16 education, offering a kaleidoscope of learning opportunities. Our bespoke curriculum design services can be sculpted and tailored to the educational experiences that resonate with the unique essence of your organization and meet the educational and cultural needs in your country.

Ages  7 - 11 

Activities and Resources cover:   Digital Literacy, STEM, Global Citizenship, Environment, Cultural Identity.

Ages 11-16


Activities and Resources cover:.      Digital Literacy, STEM, Global Citizenship, Environment, Cultural Identity. Child Advocacy, Power and Democracy.

Teacher Notes

Links, Resources and Activities that are : Global, Differentiated, Project Based, Interactive, Cross referenced to the UN 17 Goals and that enable: cultural understanding, multi modal communication, critical thinking and collaborative learning.

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"Immerse your students in a world of wonder and inspiration! Invite Charline to spark curiosity, ignite motivation, and awaken a love for learning in your school. Let's embark on an unforgettable educational journey together!"

International Conference Speaker

Embark on an exciting journey of knowledge and inspiration with our exclusive Conference & Event Speaking Workshops, both on an international and national scale. To secure your spot, send your personalized invitation directly to the charismatic Charline.
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Media and Podcast Interviews

For a glimpse behind the scenes of my world, dive into the realm of media magic and connect with me direct with either online interviews or podcasts or face to face media interviews.

Contact Charline to unlock a portal to captivating interviews about this groundbreaking entrepreneurial journey.                                                                                                               
Here Speaking at the BBC Radio Show at the Hay Festival Hay on Wye

Epic - Global Learning for a Global World  Working for the Children of Today and  Tomorrow

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Epic - Global Learning for a Global World, a visionary company deeply committed to environmental sustainability. From the culturally rich valleys of Wales to the rugged Australian Outback, the lush Amazon Jungle, the conservational Antarctic Center in New Zealand, the sacred lands of Canada's First Nations, the Floating Schools in Cambodia, the fiery Volcano Alley of the Andes, the Animal Conservation Projects in Africa, the serene Woodland Trusts of Japan, and the vibrant Rainforests and Jungles of Malaysia and Sarawak. Environmental education and conservation are at the heart of every learning activity, engaging schools, teachers, and students worldwide. In a world where every action matters, let us unite as the children of the globe to embrace Global Learning for a Global World as a beacon of environmental knowledge and protection. - Charline

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